Atelier & Repairs

28 December 2016


Atelier & Repairs is not a brand. It is instead a global initiative with a commitment to fix, improve, recreate and up-cycle what already exists. Each one-of-a-kind Atelier & Repairs object is a creative expression as an answer to uniformity: aimed at providing refinement, usefulness, modernity and most importantly, fun. We use modern and vintage leftover, second-hand, defective and surplus apparel, accessories and fabrics based on current availability from brands, manufacturers and other various sources. Our transformation process is an ever-evolving exploration utilizing both traditional and non–traditional artisan techniques to bring uniqueness and a second life to the forgotten and the ordinary.

“Our source of inspiration comes from the idea of transforming rather than producing, listening rather than designing, and experimenting rather than planning.”
– Maurizio Donadi, Founder

facebook : @atelierandrepairs
Instagram :  @atelierandrepairs