1 June 2017



We are proud to present you the new entry in our bands list of Rust Mood

RUST MOOD is a lifestyle, symbol of artisan creativity and aesthetic feel- ings, that reevaluates authenticity with modern contaminations. The expres- sion of the experiences gained in leather crafts, mixed with modern fashion in- fluences of the increasingly youthful mind of his art director, Miki Marcato.

Across leather shoes, accessories & home dècor, the sophisticated re- search of style is a close connection between maturity and unconscious- ness, the past with the present. An interconnection between the symbol- ism of the native culture and the rock’n’roll of the bikers on the road.

“RUST MOOD is designed for those who still live deep passions, novelty seeking, and strong emotions.”
web site :
Instagram : @rustmood