10 October 2017

We are proud to present you the new entry in our bands list of WAKOUWA Behind story of WAKOUWA The idea of the WAKOUWA brand comes from Pierre’s child hood memory. He saw a lovely wooden animal dolls like dogs, cats, zebras and giraffes displayed at Bon-Marche show window a few days before Christmas when he was 5. He loved it so much that he wished it as Christmas gift. Unfortunately he couldn’t get them at that time. When he was 15, he was still looking for the doll at toy stores, vintage stores and flea market. But He couldn’t find them after all. Time passed and he encountered another impressing dog who came from the story of how the Sperry sole of Top sider, which Pierre used to sell at his previous store “GLOBE”, was invented. Mr. Sperry saw his dog didn’t fall down nor slip on even the slippery deck of boats. And he found out that it is because of many small cracks and lines on the dog’s paw. These two stories are the main inspiration source. Later on Pierre got the registration of WAKOUWA from a Swiss designer and he combined these two stories together into WAKOUWA brand. The first production was Japan-made sneakers made of American canvas cloth with vulcanized anti-slipping outsole. It took more than 30 months to make the final sample of WAKOUWA through trial and error, having undergone making 11 samples previously.

Instagram : #wakouwa